I Remember You

I caught a glimpse of myself and smiled.

Not the person I am now, but the person I thought I’d be, 11 months ago.

I had big ideas and the motivation to go along with them. I had plans. 

But at the risk of completely losing myself, I had to let it all go. 

It had become too much… life had become too much. 

Lately, though, I feel her in there.

I catch her out of the corner of my eye, singing or dancing, and she feels weightless in comparison to the anchors I’d been carrying. This lighter version of myself is a refreshing relief. 

I find myself excited about life again, about the upcoming holidays and about myself and my dreams.

I had been pulled below the waterline into the murky space where the sun’s rays did not reach. 

Not quite all the way down and certainly not at the bottom. 

I’ve been there before and it isn’t pleasant. 

Just below the water, I floated for a bit, and now as I’m propelling upward once again, the air is clean and the sun feels good on my face.

The light and warmth are welcoming and feel like home. 

Oh, there you are…I remember you

photo by Thanh Tam Unsplash

Fall Equinox~Balance and Gratitude

Time to Harvest!

What have you grown over the past few months?

How have you grown over the past few months?

As the Sun shifts from Virgo into Libra next week, take these next few days to continue to organize all you’ve been working on, create a “game plan” moving forward into Autumn.


The Equinox along with the energy of Libra first offers us a chance to balance our lives; work and play, our spiritual practices with demands on our time, and what we desire with what we must take care of.  

We then prepare for shorter days and longer periods of darkness, but in those longer periods we can be extremely productive.  We have more time to assess what has worked for us and what has not, what we have accomplished and what we still wish to do.

Increased quiet time also means periods of rest and rejuvenation and then celebratory times throughout the holidays.

For now, over the next few days, we harvest and gather the fruits of our labor and express appreciation for all we have.DSC_0079.JPG


Ways you can express your thankfulness this weekend:

~A gratitude journal, each morning or evening write down three things or the names of three people you are grateful for and then spend a few moments sending them love and positive vibes.

~If you prefer, you may choose to meditate, or paint or draw a picture of someone or something each day and then send out love and appreciation to them.   

~Purchase local produce to leisurely cook or bake something delicious, and as you use all of your farm fresh ingredients, pause to give thanks


to the farmers, the delivery drivers and all the workers who provided you with the potatoes, apples, pumpkins and so much more.







Jeff and I are grateful to be joining Brenda on a three-day Fall Equinox Celebration at the beach where weDSC_0055.JPG will be sending prayers and positive, healthy, vibrant energy to all of you, and we look forward to sharing many more awesome events with you at Lotus & Hawk!









Photos Credit~

Jeff Brochu

Johannes Hofmann

Lost On A Spiritual Path

Lately, conversation after conversation,  I’m hearing the same message told by different people and in varying ways. We are all searching more than ever for connectedness.

Our beliefs are unraveling, allowing us the opportunity to put our own spiritual practice back together in a way that resonates with each one of us.

People are questioning their spirituality and becoming confused by all the information coming at them. Collectively we struggled to break free from mainstream and restricted religions and are now unsure what to do with the vast horizon before us.

bright path

We are in the age of Aquarius we are detaching from old ways of thinking, old patterns, beliefs, and suffering. Together we are embracing  humanitarianism, progressive and innovative “out of the box” thinking. It’s no longer taboo to speak of holistic health and healing, or to trust and believe that we are powerful enough to heal ourselves and one another. This isn’t because we are disconnected from Source or the God-like part of ourselves, this is only possible, because we are connected with those Divine and loving parts of ourselves.

It is not our purpose to become divided, it is our purpose to love and be compassionate.  If we focus on what feels right, on loving and forgiving, our souls guide us. Engage life from a heart centered place and make your intention to be kind and accepting, then you will find your path becomes more visible. The next step will present itself.

We hear others talk about finding their life purpose and living life passionately, no wonder so many are wondering, what are THEY doing that I’m not.

The fog is clearing, we are awakening, and the in the same way that a baby first opens its eyes, we are seeing beauty and feeling fear and confusion.

I want to remind you that there is power in all of those things!

Confusion forces us to find clarity, fear empowers us to be brave, and the beauty we see with our hearts, reminds us to love.

The amount of advice and information on ways to connect spiritually can be overwhelming and we become paralyzed from understanding what our own beliefs are. Someone talks to us about what they’ve just learned and we latch onto their words, yes, that makes complete sense, only later to go home and second-guess it.  

It’s time for a reset. Give yourselves a pass to explore and a moment to catch your breath.

Now is the time to step into your own power, to find your authentic voice, to know that it’s okay to embrace all types of religions, to trust that you are loved and accepted. To choose to surround yourself with others who are also choosing love and acceptance and not judging.

Who is supporting you in your personal growth?

Are you evolving together with your loved ones, family and friends or do you feel held back?

Are you holding yourself back out of fear and confusion?


All of your experiences up to this point have been to assist you and teach you, and now it’s time to ask yourself;

~what have I learned?

~In what ways do I commit daily to a spiritual practice?

~Am I creating the time and space in which to be divinely guided?                                                      jared-rice-539485-unsplash

Sift through your information, think about the people you interact with, the conversations you have, the way you spend your free time.

Is it filling you up with light, do you feel uplifted or drained after you’ve spent time with certain friend or loved one?

Your soul will provide you with the right information if you trust it.

We are intimidated by what we’ve experienced, people we thought we could trust betrayed us, places we thought we were safe crumbled around us.  This is a breaking down of the old in order to build the new.

People are shutting down and are not sure what to believe. They have found themselves  again at a crossroads.

Are you at a Crossroads?

Are you seeking a true spiritual path that will withstand the insecurities that may come up, the judgment that may come from others, the uncertainty that may creep in?

Your truth lies within you, your spiritual path will present itself as you allow yourself to connect.

With each step it will roll out before you like a red carpet, but you must take a step.

You’ve heard it time and time again, the answers you’re searching for are not outside of you. The answers are within, and everyone’s way in is different. For some it is meditation, for others it is taking a walk in nature, some pray, and some workout. Anything that prompts a release of energy, a quieting of the mind, a feeling of peace, is the route to connecting with your soul.  Connecting with your soul leads to inner peace and inner peace is what creates the life you’re dreaming of and a healthy spiritual practice.

Make that your intention, say to yourself out loud or silently, I trust my soul, I am being divinely guided each day, I am more and more connected with spirit, with inner peace, and with the essence of love.

A job change or relationship change might be required, but that doesn’t mean tomorrow you’ll quit your job or walk out of a relationship, those changes will come as you continue to evolve.  People, jobs, even places you frequent, will miraculously be removed from your life as soon as they are no longer in alignment with who you are becoming.

Have fun with this, chat with like-minded people over coffee, share with them where you are on your path, you might be surprised to find out that they are seeking just as much as you are.  Try yoga, eft, meditation, or other spiritual classes,  if you don’t like something, if it doesn’t feel right, well at least you tried it.  As you continue to explore and experiment, you’ll soon find that you are indeed more connected, that you feel happier and empowered by your personal spiritual path.  You find trust in a higher power, you begin to see that you really are working with the Universe and do have the power to create the life you desire.

Today is a new day, engage it with excitement as you are strengthened, empowered and guided on your new and evolved spiritual practice.

The time is Now and You are ready!

lotus on black





photos: Alex Wood, Jared Rice, and unknown

Note to self…

Yesterday I realized that it had been several weeks and I hadn’t heard back from the jewelry store where I dropped my ring off to be sized. My husband had given it to me for Valentines Day and I had not yet been able to wear it, as it was too large. Other than the initial confirmation, there had been no further communication from them so I decided to follow up. The young woman I spoke with commented curiously on not understanding why I had not received a call to let me know that my ring was there. I became frustrated when she attempted to offer excuses that were obviously just that, excuses.  We hung up once I told her I’d be in shortly to pick it up.

Driving over there I decided to let go of how annoyed I was feeling, it wasn’t her fault after all, and I haven’t had any lavish events that I may have worn that ring to anyway. I thought about how it wasn’t very spiritual of me to hold on to that emotion, and how as an owner of a holistic center, I wasn’t being a very good representative of that.

When I arrived at the store I went to the only woman I saw standing behind the counter, I explained that I was there to pick up my ring without going into any details of how I wasn’t contacted and that my ring had been sitting there for who knows how long. Without offering any niceties, she called out to another woman towards the back of the store and asked her to assist me. She then mumbled under her breath as she looked down at paperwork that the other young woman would help me.

Again I began to feel annoyed by the lack of decent customer service, but let it go. I walked towards the back of the store and was greeted by a friendly salesperson wearing a rather large pendant of crystals wrapped in an elaborate wire encasing. With one comment on how much I liked her pendant our conversation was immediately warm and inviting and quickly transitioned into a mutual admiration for a holistic lifestyle. I informed her about the center that we owned, to which she excitedly replied that she, her roommate and her friends would love to come to! We went on to talk for several minutes about the events that she might be interested in and were both sincerely excited by this new connection.spiritual connection

We were like-minded souls, enjoying a sweet moment that lingered with me long after I left the store.

What a beautiful experience I had as a result of becoming aware of and shifting my energy.

Today I am feeling grateful for the reminder, and making a mental note to self, remember to bring into the world all I wish to experience, as it will mirror back at me.Grateful-Heart-Black-01.jpg

Virgo Full Moon

Connect with Mother Earth and the Virgo Full Moon this evening. Get outside at some point, kneel down and touch the ground or stand firmly upon it feeling yourself root into it like a tree. As the moon opposes so many planets traveling through the dreamy, rather ungrounded energy of Pisces right now, Virgo steps up to do what it does best~ create order.virgo-full-moon-ritual

Tonight’s Full Moon, is also called by Native Americans, the Worm Moon, because as earthworms begin to appear it signifies that the end of winter is near, yay! With the end of one season and beginning of another, our internal clocks begin preparing for progress and forward movement.

Virgo is a fabulous organizer, so make those lists of all you want to accomplish. The “go get it” energy of Aries is right around the corner and you’ll be ready to charge after your goals like the ram when it arrives.

Since most of you may not be up for going out to Howl at this Full Moon, I suggest cutting energetic ties to prepare you for a new season.

Springtime, the Equinox and new growth is upon us and with that comes the opportunity to discard.  As the farmers would be churning the land, we are going to churn energy.

Virgo loves to serve, so draw upon that by serving your higher selves as you contemplate what or who is no longer aligned with who you are, or who you are becoming.

Here are a couple ideas on ways to engage more fully with tonight’s Virgo Full Moon:

If fire is an option, select a stick outside that might represent a person, job or belief that you know has become negative or toxic to your well-being. Bring the energy of how you feel about that person or thing up to the surface and blow it into the stick, then place the stick into your fire with gratitude for being in a healthier place and ready to let it go.

An alternative version of this exercise is to select a candle small enough


 that you will be able to let it burn down fully, and again,  bring your emotions surrounding the issue or person that you have up to the surface, blow into the candle, and then light the candle releasing the energy into the universe knowing it will disintegrate.

Another great exercise that is just as powerful, is to take some time going inward to gather your thoughts, think about the person, job, or that old self critical belief that you feel you are ready to let go of. (I do want to clarify I’m not talking about letting go of a relationship, but letting go of an aspect of that relationship)  once you’ve brought the issues and all of your emotions surrounding that issue up to the surface, with your hands in prayer position find a positive aspect about that person or thing, and give it thanks, honor it for the purpose it  served, and imagine cutting the cord that ties you to it or them.

As with any Full Moon, it is a time to wrap things up and prepare to move forward.

Virgo loves when things are methodical, so tonight (or over the next 24 hours) practice self care and anything  that supports your healing, and then get your lists out and have your step by step plan in place and ready to go.

My “Goodness Abounds” Journey


A goal as described by the Merriam Webster dictionary is “the end towards which effort is directed”.

Ok then, yes, becoming a published author has been a goal of mine since I was a child.

I can recall writing poems for my friends as a teenager, describing them in a lyrical way was how I expressed my loving opinions of them, writing is my tool for expressing myself.  

For a long time I felt that I was unable to communicate effectively, even though my words on my pages were strong, well thought out, yes sometimes edited, but they were my words, my feelings and emotions, how I truly felt.

Over the years I wrote on and off, even took a children’s writing course (via old school snail mail way back before we could take courses online).  I was always encouraged and given positive feedback by the instructors, but I continued to write simply as my own outlet, and eventually not even for that purpose. 

Fast forward to the winter of 2015 and along with the dark, cold weather that the Northeast so generously delivers came a despair that snuck up from behind me. I did not see it coming and did not recognize it for what it was, but what is was, was depression and being disconnected from my soul. By mid January of that year I was unmotivated, my fatigue was worse than usual and I didn’t have an ounce of desire to spend time with anyone other than my immediate family. Even with them, it took effort to stay in the kitchen or living room any longer than necessary.  I wanted to lay in bed and look out at the gray skies that reflected my despair.

I maintained life as usual,  I went to work, I cooked, I cleaned, all with minimal effort and as quickly as possible so I could retreat to the quiet of my room.  I was also very unhappy at work and I knew each day I was “dying a slow death” and had to get out of there.

Every moment I could was spent in my room contemplating, pondering and soul searching.

I spent weeks being in the stillness and quietness of my own energy.  I listened, but for a while, heard nothing. Was there a guiding voice? I believed there was, but self-doubt crept in and I convinced myself what I heard was only what I wanted to hear.  Quietly I allowed my mind to clear, I allowed my thoughts to clear, for it is within the silence we often receive the loudest messages.

In my case the loudest and sweetest voice I heard was that of my soul sister telling me to write my way out of my job.  I shared with her my thoughts and disbelief that I had become so disconnected from my writing.  How could I have strayed so far from the very thing that gave me my voice, that was my outlet, that filled and satisfied my soul!

“I wish” was my silent reply to her statement. To me, writing feels like coming home, it’s comfort food for my soul.

And then, I heard my old inner critic.

What would I write about? What do I know enough about? What can I teach or guide  anyone about? I’m not an expert on anything.

I caught myself pretty quickly before I had the chance to actually believe those negative thoughts, and I began to think about all that I have learned and been trained or certified in,  about what I can do well. I love to motivate, inspire, and empower others utilizing holistic methods and tools. My own life has been transformed by the tools I have acquired and I had burning desire to assist others to learn that they too could transform their lives.

And no sooner than I came to that realization, but the words began to spill out. Whenever and wherever I was, words poured out like I had broken a dam of silence and my voice was singing to the high heavens.

I was free! I was using my voice in the medium that was aligned with my soul and I felt joyous.

I wrote and wrote and wrote about my life, my family, things I’ve done, and things I desired to do.  As soon as I took that first step it was as if were on a golden path and although I could not see where the path was leading, I trusted my way was being divinely guided.

My golden sparkling path led me to a heart centered, amazingly supported, book writing course. I felt connected and exhilarated and I knew in my heart of hearts this was my next step.  I began that class with what could have been described as a tornado of writing pieces and no idea what to do with the storm of words, emotions, and experiences that were left in the aftermath.  Baby steps, I was divinely guided, and every part of my being was alive again!

Through the course I met many women like myself, I hit it off with one woman in particular and we decided to get in touch by phone as a way to further support each other and give one another credit for having each taken our own baby steps. Michelle Griffith, I like to think, was divinely guided to mention an anthology to me that she was so eagerly contributing to and thought I might like to check out.  She sent me the link knowing it was up to me to take my next baby step towards my goal of becoming a published author.

I eagerly clicked on the link and as I began to read more and more about a husband-and-wife team, Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck, and their soulful mission and purpose of the three prior books in their 365 series, I could not shake the feeling that I was meant to be a part of their next book, “Goodness Abounds”. I closed my laptop and casually mentioned it to my husband deciding to take some time to see if it truly was resonating with me, and within hours I knew I couldn’t not be a part of their next book. So I emailed Jodi and her quick reply and welcoming nature confirmed to me that working with them was something I was meant to do.

In the months that followed, there were moments where I questioned calling myself a “published author”, does this really count, I only have a small part in this beautiful book, it does not belong to me, I cannot take credit for it, does that really give me the right to call myself a published author? But the consistent validation that Jodi and Dan offer throughout the process, their ability to make each one of over 200 contributing authors feel important, and their attentiveness to ALL of my questions have transformed those insecurities and I am forever grateful to them both.

Book launch day arrived and within two days I was holding our precious book containing 365 heartfelt and loving stories from over 250 co-authors, and it brought tears of joy to my eyes. I knew it would feel amazing, but it became even larger than that, with each story I read, my connection to how our book could touch so many people worldwide, grew immensely. I am beyond proud for sharing this journey with Jodi, Dan, my co-authors and our readers!

“It is never too late to be what you might have been” by George Eliot has long been one of my favorite quotes. It resonates deeply within me and is a constant reminder to me that at ANY age you can accomplish your goals, you can absolutely be, who, as a child long ago, you imagined you would be when you take just one baby step forward. You must be patient and you MUST take that step!

Calling myself a “Bestselling Published Author” took on considerably greater meaning when it came as a result of a book that I am so honored to have contributed to!






Reiki and your Chakra System


reiki hands

As the holidays are quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to prepare ourselves by aligning ourselves energetically. Most of us find the holidays to be a mixture of creating wonderful memories, attempting to be present with our loved ones, and doing our best to stay centered and grounded amidst the chaos. Even if chaos is not in our own homes, it surrounds us  everywhere we go. All the stores are filled with hurried people, many of them stressed out or anxious, and your job may be one that becomes much more demanding between now and the beginning of the new year.

Reiki is a beautiful and gentle energy that is passed on from the practitioner to the recipient during a Reiki treatment. It is balancing and grounding and sometimes intuitive for one or both people involved with the session.  Many times a practitioner will connect intuitively to something going on with a person’s health or life, and at times even channel a loved one, although this is not typical.

My husband and I both have had experiences, when our client connects with something or someone intuitively. In my opinion, this is due to the Sacred Space that is created, and to how open and relaxed the recipient is.  How much a person benefits from a Reiki treatment is solely dependent on them. The practitioner does nothing other than make themselves available as the vessel through which the Universal healing energy of Reiki may pass.

With that being said, take a moment now to imagine yourselves going into the excitement and hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  With parties and shopping, cleaning and preparing, you can either push yourselves through while feeling like a piece of Swiss cheese with holes everywhere and open to receiving negative energy, or you can more gracefully make your way through the holidays wearing an energetic healthy suit of armor.   

Energy passes and is processed through our Chakra system, a vertical column of seven “funnels” that is just outside of our physical bodies in front and back of us. When these seven areas of swirling energy are weak, sluggish or vulnerable, we become much more susceptible for negativity to make it’s way in, resulting in potential illness and additional stress on your body. However, when our seven energy centers are swirling properly, not only do they protect the physical and mental parts of ourselves that are connected to that Chakra, but they also prompt the other Chakras above and below it to move in unison. Creating a healthier and more grounded you to more fully enjoy this upcoming holiday season.


Please contact us if you would like to schedule a Reiki treatment and bring balance to your Chakra system, restoring the flow of energy in your body to it’s healthiest state.


New Moon in Libra; Love and Transformation


This afternoon as the energy most supports balance and harmony with others, it is also supporting the changes that need to take place within your relationships.  

Are your actions a display of your true emotions and if so, are they considerate and cooperative to others? Are you being tactful, are you being diplomatic?  Consider in what way deep transformation would best assist you or bring you the most joy, primarily within your most intimate relationships.  

What can you do to inspire self growth in others that may also, improve your own feelings of self-worth?


 With the Sun and Moon opposite Uranus, “expect the unexpected” is the phrase best suited.  Pay attention to the choices you make when considering how to best balance the scales where your finances are concerned.  Focus more on your own resources and how to best utilize them. 

Dig deep into your emotional needs as well as your personal desires, and try not to resist those whispers of what you know needs to change; listen to you soul and then sit back and ride the wave of  transformative experiences that are coming your way.  

Connect with your hearts today, ask yourselves “in what way am I supporting others in their spiritual regeneration” and then TRUST that inner voice that is your divine guidance.

Just another post by just another mom whose children have grown

“You can’t imagine it now, you couldn’t possibly, not with school plays and parent teacher conferences, not while you’re trying to keep up with fundraisers, sports and the drama of an adolescent’s life. No, you cannot imagine it now.”

I am the woman who wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, I am the woman who loved dedicating herself to raising her kids.  I am the mom who still has an Easter egg hunt for her grown up children. I am also the mom who empowers them to be independent, encourages them to go after their dreams, and supports them in creating a life of their choosing, but if you can tell me at what age a child truly stops needing a parent, stops needing to be cared for like a child as only a parent can do, well then, I’m listening.

Who else is going to spoil them once they’re out in the world, who else is going to make them feel like they’re still little kids when they so quickly may find themselves raising little ones of their own.

You bet once in awhile I fold my seventeen year old’s clothes, not because he can’t, not because he won’t, not because he doesn’t. I do it (occasionally) because it creates within me the sense of taking care of my young man like I did when he was a little boy.  This is the young adult who will graduate next year when only yesterday I had to call him down from windowsills, walls in fitting rooms and any other place he could find to climb. So if by folding his laundry every so often in brief moments of my hurried days, it feels like I have my little guy again, I’ll take it!

Everyone says, time flies, and it does, but when you’re in the thick of raising young children, you cannot grasp how quickly it’s really going.

“What do you mean you need a passport? Where are you going? Weren’t we just about to read a bedtime story?”

That’s what it feels like to the parent of a child who has rapidly grown into an adult.

Years ago, sitting in my seat at TD garden, looking out onto the sea of empty chairs that would soon be filled with graduating students, all I could see was my little free-spirited, blonde haired girl running in her sundress and jellies. I wanted to yell outstop, just give me one more minute with my baby girl”!

My youngest daughter, the one who didn’t want to be left at daycare, nursery school, or art class, the one who never wanted to leave my side, always holding tightly to my hand, her eyes pleading me to stay with her, now lives with her girlfriend and they have plans to move 3,000 miles away.  How will she hold my hand from there?

I’m not spoiling them, I’m giving them a gift, I’m letting them have a mom who they can turn to when they need me, who they will feel comfortable crying to if they want to, I’m giving them a safe space where they can connect with the little kid inside of themselves who just wants someone to take care of them again, even if only for a moment.

No, you can’t imagine it now, not if you still have young ones at home and I get that.  Taking care of your elementary or middle school children is an all consuming and exhausting job.  You are just trying to get through each day, as you should be.

But those present moments that you are so deeply immersed in now, will quickly become yesterday’s memories, faster than you could ever imagine.  

Like so many mom’s before me and so many moms after me, I urge you to play games, read books, stop and listen to your children.  You will go to sleep one night, exhausted from all the running around, and wake up to find empty rooms filled with echoes of your children’s voices, and you will see your little ones only in the memories you’ve collected.

Harry Chapin reminds us in his song “Cat’s In The Cradle”

My son turned ten just the other day

He said, thanks for the ball, dad, come on let’s play

Can you teach me to throw, I said, not today

I got a lot to do, he said, that’s okay

And he walked away, but his smile never dimmed

He said, I’m gonna be like him, yeah

You know I’m gonna be like him.

If you think there will be time to go back and recapture moments together, there won’t be, the moments will be gone. Use the time you have now, while you have it,  create a bond with them that will guide them “home” no matter what age they are, no matter where they are, and a you will forever share a relationship with your “child” that time cannot touch.

Time may pass quickly, but there is plenty of it for you to make the moments count, the memories beautiful and an everlasting bond.


Kimberly Brochu

I Wonder If You’ll “Like” This.

How many likes will this get?  Will you follow me now?



If you’re in a business that requires a following or you’re like me and plan to write a book, or paint or sing, we depend on that audience that we reach out to, to support our endeavors,  social media has become the stage on which we perform daily.

It’s remarkable how social media has brought long lost family members back together, how it connects us with the world, how we can keep up with all the going’s-on with loved ones, but it has also hampered our freedom from not seeking approval from others. It takes courage to reveal your innermost thoughts or your passions in front of the social media world and that world can be cruel or it can be accepting, and as much as we don’t want it to be true, we crave acceptance.  As I write this my mind can’t help but wonder if people will like it, will they like or follow my page or my blog?

Sometimes I lose sight of the fact that I’m writing for me as much as I’m writing for you.  I write because it’s therapeutic, it frees me of all the toxic words, emotions and energy that might otherwise become stuck inside of me.  When you dance or sing, it frees you too, when you are out in nature or on a busy street and you see the “perfect shot”, you take it because your camera lens is the kaleidoscope through which your emotions connect.

I write to connect with people on a soul level, to tell stories, to hold space for someone with my words and let them know, I know exactly how they feel, I write to guide people on their paths based on my own.  I have been in those dark, scary places and I have been to the top of the mountain celebrating life.

Most of us spend a good portion of our time basing at least some of our self-worth on others reactions, either in person or on social media via a like, a re tweet, a share or better yet, by following us. It’s exhausting keeping up with trying to figure out what people want to read, see or hear. We second guess ourselves, “did I share too much of myself, am I not sharing enough”.

I am in no way bashing social media, in fact, I’m grateful for it, I have made some wonderful connections with others that I wouldn’t have otherwise, I share my art form with women that are supportive to one another, I have reconnected with my own long lost relatives and I get to share all the special moments that my family and friends are having by scrolling through the photos they post.  I love social media!

But today I am writing for me and I encourage and applaud you to free yourselves and paint a picture with the colors that light up your soul, dance to or sing the songs that speak to you, take the photos you want to take because you recognize the beauty in them.


Create for you, because when we connect with our gifts and passions, we extend our creative hand out into the world and only then, is when someone out there can grasp it.