What is living a “soul satisfied” life?

“Life is long, time is short.”

I don’t really care for the expression, “life is short”.  I understand those words are somehow  meant to bring us back to the present and to be in the moment, appreciating it for all it is.  But I much prefer “life is long, time is short.”  For me, that is a reminder that the moment we are in may quickly be gone, to make the most of it And to look forward to the next.  

What do I mean by “living a soul satisfied life”,  It means feeling joyous, it means feeling bright and warm, it’s comforting from the inside out. It’s the days when you wake up with a smile on your face thankful just for the day that you’ve been blessed with.  It’s praying to God, the angels, the universe and knowing that your prayers are heard and that the energy and love your sending out is coming back to you.  For me, that is satisfying to my soul.

What satisfies your soul? What feels happy from the inner core of your body, your heart, your soul?  It’s different from the feeling of getting that new outfit that is oh-so flattering and you feel great wearing it. I’m not taking anything away from those feelings because I love the way I feel when I buy new clothes,  I love the way I feel when I get a new book, I love the way I feel when I get my hair done and it looks better that day than it will for weeks to come.

Satisfying to our soul is a far greater happiness that comes from a much deeper space within.

To be connected with your life purpose, to make a positive difference in your job, or your relationships. When you know you are connected and making a positive difference, your soul is happy, you feel a fullness different from the fullness of when we feed our body.  Feeding your soul is crucial to creating a satisfied soul. It’s when you spend time with your best friend reminiscing and laughing and it is sheer joy, or it might be when you have a day to yourself to sit snuggled up in your favorite plush blanket with a new book.  It may be observing a loved one laugh in pure delight and you feel your insides smile.

I can’t say I am completely living a soul satisfied life yet, but I am in the process of it. It may always be a process. Perhaps there are plenty of people who can say their souls are satisfied, for most of us however, I believe we are all somewhere along that path.  I am aware of when my soul is not feeling satisfied, I become easily agitated, I am moodier, I feel heightened negativity surround me, sometimes coming from me & rippling out.  I see how my negativity influences others & it all feels very unsatisfying to my soul.

That’s when I tap (EFT), I trace my meridians following Donna Eden’s video, I meditate, do yoga, pray, I write, read, swim, anything to shift and clear the energy and get back to feeding my soul.

What feeds your soul?  I would love to hear from you


5 thoughts on “What is living a “soul satisfied” life?

  1. Nancy January 29, 2016 / 1:22 am

    Great post, Kim!
    I feel blessed to have already joined paths with you and Jeff, I love the countless hours we have spent engaged in “soul satisfying” practices and discussions. It’s exciting to have this blog as a nice addition between our chats! ♡


    • Kimberly Brochu January 29, 2016 / 1:45 am

      We are all blessed by how our two families blend so well. It was meant to be 😉


  2. Julia January 31, 2016 / 3:39 am

    I love your preferred expression “life is long, time is short”! Thank you for sharing that perspective! I must use that from now on, I hope you don’t mind! This is going to to be a great journey! I’m so glad to be apart of it! In the fog and blur of the days that I feel trapped and overwhelmed in the uncertainty of my present moments, you’ve reminded me that I can focus on what does fill my soul, we all need a little reminding! And that is what I should be doing more of! Sometimes we can get lost in and pulled down from our own thoughts and feel like life is too heavy, and sometimes it is but I’d like to focus on what actually lifts me back up! It’s my family! My husband, my daughter, my mother, and a friend or two, and of course my cat. It’s sunny days, the earth beneath my feet, nature, hot baths, curling up with a good book, the smiles that greet me every day from my precious family, that touches my soul!! It’s meditation, burning incense, praying and knowing I’m getting that help I need, to know and feel the protection and love from my loved ones from the other side, getting signs from them reminding me they are still all around me, and knowing I make a difference in someone’s life! I’m learning to let go of what I need to and not hold on so tightly to other things, it is a balance that is quite fragile, not easy to achieve but not impossible either although it may feel that way at first! All I know is that my soul growth is moving forward and it feels just like a birth! Like an infant you enter this world with no sense of what’s going on around you, you feel but not yet understand these feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty! But as you grow, then you learn that there is wonder and beauty all around! New things to learn and apply to your life! Now I need to learn how to believe in myself! And that’s not easy for me! I was brought up differently, no finger pointing or judging! I understand my parents were doing the best they could at the time! It’s literally holding me back from so much!!
    Any advice on where to start with that?


    • Kimberly Brochu January 31, 2016 / 4:28 pm

      Julie, as promised, here is my reply to your beautiful, genuine and vulnerable comment. (Thank you for your honesty.)
      First, please feel free to use any expression that resonates with you. We can hear the same thing said a hundred times but there will be that one time that it jumps out and we “hear” what it’s saying. It speaks to us.
      I love all the examples you listed of how you are “lifted back up” as you put it. It’s crucial to keep integrating all of those things each day.
      I have learned that the things that seem to be holding us back are sometimes the ways we are holding ourselves back, I mean no judgement by that, we all do it time and time again until we become aware of it and slowly start to shift that lesson within us. All of our life experiences contribute to who we are, but you’re in the process of evolving therefore who you have been is not who you are now. (If I’m hearing you correctly.) During this process we start to realize since we are no longer who we were, we can engage life as who we are now and who we want to be. (I hope this is making sense.) We react or respond to triggers from the wounded part of ourselves, but as we heal it’s important to continually, every day as often as we can, encourage the healed person to respond or react.
      I suggest being very gentle and patient with yourself. Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come! Be proud of yourself for taking the steps towards self empowerment and healing.
      One tool I use everyday, all day long is affirmations. I repeat them, I have them posted in my home, my phone, my laptop, anywhere I can to uplift me and remind me to love myself. They are in a sense a form of gratitude, of prayer and of inspiration. Check out Louise Hay and Esther Hicks. It is impossible to name all the spiritual leaders, authors etc that have been a saving grace for me, but if we are addressing just affirmations, those are the two that come to mind. If by some chance you haven’t heard of Louise Hay, I cannot urge you enough to look into her, especially her book “You Can Heal Your Life”.
      I hope this has helped, I welcome anyone else who might be following these comments to add their own opinions or suggestions too. Have a wonderful Sunday Julie, xo


      • Julia January 31, 2016 / 7:40 pm

        Kim, I truly appreciate everything you’ve shared! It does make sense to me! Especially the part where you spoke about the process of evolving, (I’m partially quoting) we start to realize since we are no longer who we were, we can engage life as who we are now and who we want to be. We react or respond to triggers from the wounded part of ourselves, but as we heal it’s important to continually, every day as often as we can, encourage the healed person to respond or react.
        That really resonates with me! That is very helpful! I’m sure the affirmations will help a lot too! I will be sure to look up the ladies you mentioned as well ! It seems like I’ve heard of that book, You Can Heal Your Life. I know of Esther Hicks too. She’s great! I will spend this day in affirmations, and being proud of myself for taking the steps towards self empowerment and healing.
        Thanks again! Hope you have a beautiful day!


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