Leo, Up Close and Personal

leo Ahhhh, my beloved Leo’s.  I love them and they love that I love them!

Their sign is after all ruled by the Sun and they do like to shine.  Leo’s; cheery smiles, “sunny” dispositions, desire to have fun and a childlike curiosity about life.

Male Leo’s “roar” a little louder (in my opinion) than Female Leo’s. “King of the jungle, hear me roar”,  clearly entertained by themselves. Notice Leo’s automatic reaction to attention is typically to welcome it, for the most part they are not awkward with being noticed.

There is an undeniable attraction that exudes from most Leo’s, a magnetic pull that draws us in, their smile seems infectious and the warmth they radiate creates a feeling that we’re being welcomed into their own family.

Sometimes the ease of being in the spotlight appears more self indulgent, a “full of themselves” attitude that may cause some to be put off or possibly even annoyed with the what may seem like arrogant behavior. Not every Leo however is comfortable being the one to shine and may even come across as a more “timid” Lion, however they will not disappoint if and when they are needed to step up.  It’s possible that they haven’t quite fully embodied the courageous or confident energy of their Leo persona yet.

You’re likely to find a Leo doing something creative or crafty, playing an instrument or exercising.  These outlets are essential for a Leo’s well being.  This is how they recharge.  The Leo will likely be the one hanging out with the kids at a family gathering.  Children give off the energy that Leo’s relate to, they embody the the same joyful and childlike way of engaging life. They like to have fun and to be around others who want to “play”.

With all this jovial, upbeat energy creating a gravitational pull, Leo’s (sometimes unknowingly) still crave love and attention.  Leo’s can become needy, primarily because their makeup is to lead or to be the center of attention and when Leo becomes insecure this creates an unconscious fear that it may be something they did or did not do.  They know they were meant for the “spot light” be it in a crowd or in the eyes of that one special person.

Leo’s shine naturally, they are proud, generous and likeable people, however due to the unconscious insecurity that they may not be shining brightly enough or not being likeable enough, they may become insecure. This insecurity can come through rather dramatically or even ferociously, depending on the Leo and the circumstance.

At the core of your awesomeness dear Leo, is your “sun light” so continue to share it with us and welcome us in to enjoy life with you.  For that is where your tremendous power lies, and that is why we love to love you. 


(foot note: these posts regard the Sun sign placement only, a fuller, truer personal description can be gained from a complete chart reading.)


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