card deck

Anxiously awaiting test results and further instructions; when your doctor calls and says they need to see you face-to-face to give you results, it’s natural to become concerned.  I have a heads-up of what’s going on, but I may be in for a little ride as the cause and severity is determined.  

Yesterday morning, after a slightly restless sleep, I woke up early, as usual, and as I prepared to go for more blood work, I decided to draw a card from my husband’s “Native Spirit Oracle Cards”. I recently gave him this deck as a gift because I knew they would “speak” to him.  These gorgeously photographed cards, with their powerful messages by Denise Linn and her Native American lineage is something he connects personally with.

The card that came to me was “Walking in Beauty”,  the message from her guidebook was about the beauty that surrounds us, inside and out.  Seeing the beauty and being grateful for it.  Being in balance with a natural way of life. The more we sense, see and feel the beauty around us, the more beauty will come to us.  This is the law of attraction that many of us already believe in. What I saw on this card was a sunrise, the dawning of a new day, an expansive horizon before me that created a feeling of hope and possibilities.

Upon arriving home, hungry (from fasting), thirsty and still somewhat anxious, I found a note from my husband on the counter.  A brief three sentences overflowing with his love and support.  I read the first two and was stopped in my tracks at the last, “Walk in Beauty”! Now, this is a phrase he may use if we are either working together or with another person holistically, but it is not a phrase he has written on any other note or card he has given me before. I quickly grabbed the card out of the deck to double check and he had in fact written the EXACT same thing on his note as I read hours earlier on my card!

Beautiful synchronicity and affirmation of how connected we are.  All of us, not just he and I.  We draw the people, events and messages we need into our lives, when we need them, sometimes good and sometimes more challenging.   

As I think about living or walking in beauty, I like to think I do both of those, but this message has come to me and I will honor that. I will deepen my awareness of the beauty around me, within me and within others that I’m sharing this journey with. May we all see it and feel it. The more we radiate love, healing and peace, not only do we benefit by filling our own bodies & souls, but we connect on higher levels with others & our world will become a more joyous place in which to thrive.

I will continue to pray, and fill my heart with love, joy & peace as my journey goes on and

I Walk in Beauty



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