The New Normal

“The new normal”, I love that expression, it reassures me, it means I’m adjusting to change and somehow phrasing it that way makes it less intimidating. Change is inevitable, we know this. We change every day, our hair grows, our hair falls it, our nails grow & our nails break, the weather changes-every day, our money changes, our health changes, our trees change, and so on; being flexible is imperative. Many times our new normal is not by choice, is not something we want, like the fact that our children’s new normal is the potential for gun violence in places where they should feel safe, like school or when going to a movie. Someone’s new normal might mean living with a chronic illness, or in constant pain. Adjusting ourselves to these changes, means  accepting them. Accepting ourselves each day is powerful!  Accepting our bodies even though we’re in pain, accepting ourselves even with illness, accepting our thoughts even when they’re not pleasant, accepting that we must go to those places like school, the movies, or the mall, even though there may be danger. What I mean by accepting is loving, protecting and saying ok this is how it is and I will not turn against myself, or give in to fear. I will not be angry with my body because of this pain, or this extra weight, I will not hate going out in public because of the potential danger. If we turn against ourselves, then the pain, illness, the extra weight or the fear has won.

sun rising

I understand we feel angry, we feel frustrated, we want things to be different and I believe loving and accepting, temporarily, will make that difference. Temporarily, because remember, we are in a constant state of change. You may not like something at this moment about your body, your family, your house or even your life, but if you send an angry message or hate towards that part of yourself, that person, that dis-ease, you give it more power to thrive in a space of negativity.  

Try to accept what is, to fill it with a more positive, loving energy and from there you can change it and create a more blessed, peaceful and loving environment, and then make that your new normal.

Namaste          looking off at sunset



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