horse faceHer breath startled me; a big puff of air on my face.  Before I opened my eyes I felt her soft white mane brush against my cheek and saw her beautiful brown body.  

“Honey, a horse just came to me,” I said as I woke Jeff up excitedly. “A beautiful horse, she was so close, I could feel her breath against my cheek!”

My husband knew of course that a horse had not really been in our bedroom.  

“How cool” he responded supportively.   It’s not uncommon for us to have spiritual experiences like this, so he was very interested and not at all alarmed.

I couldn’t shake her presence, (nor did I want to), so I decided to meditate to call her to me.  She was still “in the room” I sensed her soft, feminine energy to the left of me, and then right in front of me.  She nuzzled her face up to mine & I looked directly into her vast brown eyes, I was instantly flooded with a sense of peace, comfort and beauty.  I asked her name but heard nothing.  I knew it didn’t matter but I had wanted to call her something.  I was charmed by her bushy white mane and tail, and her gorgeous brown coat.  (Although I was confused by the two colors, admittedly, I didn’t know much about horses.)

I went to work thinking of the report I would do with one of my favorite clients, her name ironically, was also Kimberly.  I had worked with her several times & each time I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations, not because we shared the same name, but because we shared a connection.  Often I was moved by our clients and their stories, but only with one or two had I developed a bond like the one I had with her.

During our report, in which she is supposed to explain to me the extent of her disabilities, she wanted to acknowledge that she also felt she had much in her life for which she was appreciative, so much that has brought her happiness and that helped her to not only focus on her difficulties.  She went on explaining that part of what brought her such joy, was going outside to be with her horses. God gave them to her as a Blessing, she described.

“I’m not sure if you have ever had the chance to be close enough to look into the eyes of a horse.”

“Yes, I have, just this morning!”I wanted to shout out. But the horse hadn’t physically been in my room and our work scenario wasn’t exactly an appropriate one in which to share my story. So I continued on to the next question, but my mind was racing so I asked her what breed of horse she owned.  “One is a Palomino,” she answered, and as she spoke, I curiously searched online for Palomino. There staring back at me was a horse that was both brown and white, the image of the spirit animal that had come to me that very morning!


Fast forward: Two days later, when I was speaking with one of my dearest friends, Patty,  I told her about my visit from a Palomino and how the experience of it was still alive within me, the energy that the horse gave off; the calmness, the comfort, the peace & beauty.  I expressed to her my sorrow that the only thing I didn’t get was my spirit animals name.  

Patty, (one of my soul sisters), and I, often share parallel experiences, so when she told me that she had been horseback riding with her husband that very same day and added that it was a Palomino, I thought, Naturally!  

She called the stable to find out the name of the horse she rode, at that point we both knew she was meant to get the name for me – finally, I received my spirit animal’s name: Rosie…

When visited by a spirit animal, I highly encourage not only intuitively connecting to what meaning they hold for you and your life, but to also to research further.   Many times, the message may come through someone or something else.

A few links to the meaning of horse spirit animals:






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