My Voice

I am trying to understand how people of faith, of peace and higher purpose, wage wars against each other or judge others out of fear. Fear that was embedded in them by listening to other people

I am grateful to have faith, and my faith is in God and Jesus.  I understand what is says in the bible, but I trust that we are meant to accept everyone as they are, regardless of race, religion and gender identity, and I do not believe that by accepting everyone, I am going against my God.

God doesn’t judge or EVER hate, why would I?sand-heart-1314533

I know people will want to respond with their personal religions interpretations, and become defensive of their perceptions, but can we truly believe that our God, or Yahweh, or Allah, or whatever you call your source, is not simply a being that is LOVE, ACCEPTANCE AND ALL THINGS GOOD.the-call-2-1560877

Maybe,  just maybe,  humans were never meant to find the one religion with the “right” interpretation.  Perhaps we aren’t here to pit our beliefs against others beliefs.

 I think it is possible that we were meant to find a way to love, accept, have compassion for and assist one another on our individual and collective soul journeys; to be the best beings possible. To evolve as a whole, not divided and against.  

After all, aren’t God and Love (not hate or judgement) synonymous.white-lotus-1552510


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