Poverty or Prosperity

monday-piece“Yeah right”, you may be thinking. “How am I supposed to think prosperity when my bank account is in a negative state, or when I don’t have enough money to pay my bills, or too many unexpected and costly things are coming at me.”

This is precisely the time when this type of thinking is needed most.

When someone is in a position of having enough money, they’re not focusing on if they have enough or not, they’re not worrying and putting all their thoughts on how much money they DON’T have. Naturally they’re not thinking like that because they DO have enough, but more importantly is the energy and attention they’re NOT giving to what they DON’T have. People with plenty of money, see something they like and they buy it, they desire going out to dinner or a movie or show and they go. They just do it, without the negative and fearful thoughts, attention and energy fueling it.

How is all of this helping you if you’re not the person with copious amounts of money?  It’s NOT helping you, because naturally and unconsciously your focus is on what you DON’T have and this blocks you from receiving exactly what you DO want, need or desire.

I know first hand how it feels to have been or be at poverty level and the last thing I thought about doing was pretend like I had enough money, or any money for that fact.  You may even become annoyed reading this and feeling like this is impossible given your current circumstances, I understand your reality is that the money just isn’t there.  You may be thinking no matter how hard you concentrate on more money showing up”magically” in your bank account, it’s just not going to happen! But, is doubting it, worrying about, stressing yourself out to the point that you may become ill over it, helping you? Is all that negative thinking helping you to feel better?

When you focus on not having money vs having money, which feels better?  images_content_thinking-about-money

I’m encouraging you to do what feels better.  Yes, I’m suggesting that you live in denial temporarily, and if you wonder why you would do that, I ask you, is the other way of thinking helping?  Do you feel good when you make decisions based on the thoughts of “lack” instead of “prosperity”? Imagine how you would feel if you had unlimited amounts of money, pretty great right?  Well, try it then, feel like you have more than enough, is it going to hurt you or anyone else by changing those thoughts that help you feel better? Not likely.

I’m certainly not recommending you go out and spend money that isn’t actually there, I’m suggesting that by behaving and feeling like the money is there, you’ll not only feel better, you’ll free up space to allow the money to come.

It may not happen overnight…or, it may…who can say for sure?

When you find yourself thinking in terms of what you don’t have, when you look at something you wish you could buy and your thoughts and feelings go automatically to “I can’t or I don’t have”, catch yourself and think, “I could, and I will when I’m ready”.

Do this without expectations, having an expectation puts an almost impossible demand on something to happen within a certain time frame, and if it doesn’t happen you’ll quickly go back to negative thinking, and even worse, you’ll be doing so unconsciously, just to validate that you really DON’T  have enough!

So, go out there today and believe you do have ample amounts of money, (or any area of your life that your thinking needs an update)  “think prosperity, not poverty”, and if that feels better, then keep it up.  It’s ok to find yourself falling back into the old patterns of negative fears and thoughts, just turn it around as quickly as possible, and move forward again, ready to recieve the abundance of life!   emmanuel-dagher-abundance-money-quotes






calendar photo by Louise Hay


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