Aquarius; up close and personal

aquariusI haven’t posted an “up close and personal” astrological post in a while, and since I have so many Aquarian friends AND am married to an Aquarian, that seemed my next obvious pick.

This air sign, infamous in its ability to detach, has wonderful, possibly unknown, partnership qualities as well. Once committed, Aquarian’s are all in for the long-haul. However the tricky part, is getting them to that commitment.  Yes, they are independent and can be rebellious, but that doesn’t mean they don’t desire being in close personal relationships.  They just need your support in re-assuring them their space is still there, even though they are committed to you.

I tease my husband and call him a closet Virgo, I do that because of the appreciation Aquarian’s have for order and organization. Watching the Aquarian operate in their own unruliness or disarray, may surprise you to know that you’re orderliness may be exactly what your Aquarian needs.  Sometimes people project energy outward, so that they will draw others into their lives who are opposite, in this case, someone who is organized, is what your Aquarian may need most to feel comfortable in their own energy. Just don’t even try to go overboard with the structure or systematic approach, that may send them running for the hills, hahaha. 

I’ve shared a joke with some of you, that teases about the Aquarian’s tube of toothpaste in the bathroom. If you ask the Aquarian where the cap is for the toothpaste they may look at you and ask “this came with a cap”. All joking aside, Aquarian’s can be identified as the one who is most content when attempting to save the world.  They see things on a grander scale than most and have a yearning desire to do all they can to preserve the earth, they are our “earth-keepers”.

They recycle, they donate, they organize fundraisers and events for charity.

Where we may see the individual books on a shelf, they see the library, and their thoughts go to “how can we improve the space so it is most efficient for all”. They notice the homeless person, just as you and I do, however, their mind goes to “how can we put an end to homelessness all together”.  They understand the need for evolution on a global level and have a yearning to do more. Sometimes to the point that it truly is “painful” to them to feel they are not doing all they can.

Asking an Aquarian to multi-think, unlike multi-task is a challenge.  I mean no disrespect to these air signs, after all, the thought process is their default, however, throwing too many things to think about at once, is the surest way to elicit a “dear in the headlights” look from them! They “think” to the beat of their own drum and therefore need things to make sense to them in the way that they process information. When information is presented to them in a way, other than how they understand it, it can become overwhelming.  They think “outside the box”, but it takes focused effort when they’re asked to think “inside the box”, and this may cause confusion for an Aquarian.

Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln and Ellen DeGeneres are just a few of the famous faces that represent the Aquarian nature of forward thinking and seeing how change can bring about evolvement on a larger scale. We need our Aquarian’s to be those people that see the bigger picture, that navigate us to a collectively better place, and to be the humanitarians that stand up for us all! 



One thought on “Aquarius; up close and personal

  1. Jeff Brochu October 3, 2016 / 4:14 pm

    Very well said! Always very insightful and 100% accurate!


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