What are you telling your body?

Everyone has been healthy at one time or another.  Maybe you may feel great today, maybe you felt great yesterday, possibly, it has been a long time since you’ve felt healthy and pain-free. Whenever it was,  everyone knows how it feels to be healthy. Are you aware, however, of how your body feels when you are healthy?  Sounds like a silly question, but think about it.  Do you consider that your body is happier when it’s healthy? I’m not talking about our emotions, our natural state is that of being completely healthy and pain free, yet so many people no longer live in that natural state. When we feel good, strong, flexible and so on, our bodies seem to smile and thank us and “behave” even better for us.


We are so busy, especially at this time of year that we probably don’t stop to “check in” with our bodies.  Pain, discomfort or illness grabs our attention and slows us down, we become angry and negative with ourselves, but what is really happening, is that our bodies are attempting to grab our attention, our bodies need our love and attention.  It is the outer vessel for our soul and it’s purpose, it deserves our attention and love. We need it for the long haul, so how about a quick little manifestation for a healthier and more able body. 


Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, let your whole body relax, close your eyes, drop your shoulders, allow all the tension around your eyes, forehead and mouth to soften, and tell your body how much you truly appreciate it, hug yourself if you want to, tell your body you know it loves to feel healthy and happy and you are willing to give it the attention and love it requires.  Even if it hurts, even if you’re busy, even if you don’t mean it.  Take five minutes each morning to show your body some love and affirm that you know your body loves to feel healthy and you will work with it to feel the best you can.  

Lotus flower

This time of year is especially challenging, we put so much stress and strain on our bodies and minds with the frenzied energy that swirls around the holidays.  All the shopping, working, cooking, cleaning, hosting friends and family, takes a toll.  

You need  your body to be on top of it’s game, to go the extra mile, this is not  the time to forget about it.  

You may find that by taking just five minutes a day to love and appreciate your body, it may actually feel better, stronger or at least more able to keep up with you!

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!


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