Fight it or Flow with it?

Ahh, What am I doing with my life?!  Why haven’t I accomplished those goals yet?

Do you feel it too? That Virgo full moon energy?virgo waters

I caught myself in a whirlwind of self-critical thinking this morning, I began picking apart all I was or wasn’t doing, berating myself and became fearful. It happens quietly and quickly and before you know it, you find yourself caught in a wave of self judgement and hypercritical waters on a course that’s headed straight for a rocky shore.


We don’t have to be caught in that wave that’s spinning out of control.
We can move into calmer, less harsher waters through our compassion for ourselves.

yin yang moon

With any full moon, we strive to find balance, and for this full moon in Virgo, Pisces is at the other end. We’re not looking to engage Piscean tendencies of escapism or anything self destructive (such as judging ourselves too harshly) but the beautiful empathetic and spiritual characteristics that Pisces carries. The intuitive energy that becomes one with the ocean, creating an almost musical piece of gentler flowing water.

I caught myself as the wave churned rapidly, I looked within and through gratitude, found a more serene environment. Instead of fighting against it, against myself, I turned up the music and danced with it.
Worrying about where we haven’t gotten to, or what we haven’t yet accomplished, keeps us swirling around and around in that current.

It’s likely that wherever you are, is farther than wherever you were, so give yourselves credit for that!

The Virgo full moon is still a couple of days away, but you may already be feeling it like me. How appropriate that just a few days following international women’s day, the full moon would be in the sign of Virgo.  Virgo is the divine feminine energy, it understands there is a sacred order and divine timing, through seeking excellence in ourselves, we are capable of anything, we just have to have faith and patience!

Let yourselves off the hook, spend the next couple of days indulging in anything creative or artistic. Love yourselves. Forgive yourselves and go with the flow, you’ll never get anywhere if you try to go against it.moon-full-faeries-summer

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