New Moon in Libra; Love and Transformation


This afternoon as the energy most supports balance and harmony with others, it is also supporting the changes that need to take place within your relationships.  

Are your actions a display of your true emotions and if so, are they considerate and cooperative to others? Are you being tactful, are you being diplomatic?  Consider in what way deep transformation would best assist you or bring you the most joy, primarily within your most intimate relationships.  

What can you do to inspire self growth in others that may also, improve your own feelings of self-worth?


 With the Sun and Moon opposite Uranus, “expect the unexpected” is the phrase best suited.  Pay attention to the choices you make when considering how to best balance the scales where your finances are concerned.  Focus more on your own resources and how to best utilize them. 

Dig deep into your emotional needs as well as your personal desires, and try not to resist those whispers of what you know needs to change; listen to you soul and then sit back and ride the wave of  transformative experiences that are coming your way.  

Connect with your hearts today, ask yourselves “in what way am I supporting others in their spiritual regeneration” and then TRUST that inner voice that is your divine guidance.

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