Virgo Full Moon

Connect with Mother Earth and the Virgo Full Moon this evening. Get outside at some point, kneel down and touch the ground or stand firmly upon it feeling yourself root into it like a tree. As the moon opposes so many planets traveling through the dreamy, rather ungrounded energy of Pisces right now, Virgo steps up to do what it does best~ create order.virgo-full-moon-ritual

Tonight’s Full Moon, is also called by Native Americans, the Worm Moon, because as earthworms begin to appear it signifies that the end of winter is near, yay! With the end of one season and beginning of another, our internal clocks begin preparing for progress and forward movement.

Virgo is a fabulous organizer, so make those lists of all you want to accomplish. The “go get it” energy of Aries is right around the corner and you’ll be ready to charge after your goals like the ram when it arrives.

Since most of you may not be up for going out to Howl at this Full Moon, I suggest cutting energetic ties to prepare you for a new season.

Springtime, the Equinox and new growth is upon us and with that comes the opportunity to discard.  As the farmers would be churning the land, we are going to churn energy.

Virgo loves to serve, so draw upon that by serving your higher selves as you contemplate what or who is no longer aligned with who you are, or who you are becoming.

Here are a couple ideas on ways to engage more fully with tonight’s Virgo Full Moon:

If fire is an option, select a stick outside that might represent a person, job or belief that you know has become negative or toxic to your well-being. Bring the energy of how you feel about that person or thing up to the surface and blow it into the stick, then place the stick into your fire with gratitude for being in a healthier place and ready to let it go.

An alternative version of this exercise is to select a candle small enough


 that you will be able to let it burn down fully, and again,  bring your emotions surrounding the issue or person that you have up to the surface, blow into the candle, and then light the candle releasing the energy into the universe knowing it will disintegrate.

Another great exercise that is just as powerful, is to take some time going inward to gather your thoughts, think about the person, job, or that old self critical belief that you feel you are ready to let go of. (I do want to clarify I’m not talking about letting go of a relationship, but letting go of an aspect of that relationship)  once you’ve brought the issues and all of your emotions surrounding that issue up to the surface, with your hands in prayer position find a positive aspect about that person or thing, and give it thanks, honor it for the purpose it  served, and imagine cutting the cord that ties you to it or them.

As with any Full Moon, it is a time to wrap things up and prepare to move forward.

Virgo loves when things are methodical, so tonight (or over the next 24 hours) practice self care and anything  that supports your healing, and then get your lists out and have your step by step plan in place and ready to go.

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