Note to self…

Yesterday I realized that it had been several weeks and I hadn’t heard back from the jewelry store where I dropped my ring off to be sized. My husband had given it to me for Valentines Day and I had not yet been able to wear it, as it was too large. Other than the initial confirmation, there had been no further communication from them so I decided to follow up. The young woman I spoke with commented curiously on not understanding why I had not received a call to let me know that my ring was there. I became frustrated when she attempted to offer excuses that were obviously just that, excuses.  We hung up once I told her I’d be in shortly to pick it up.

Driving over there I decided to let go of how annoyed I was feeling, it wasn’t her fault after all, and I haven’t had any lavish events that I may have worn that ring to anyway. I thought about how it wasn’t very spiritual of me to hold on to that emotion, and how as an owner of a holistic center, I wasn’t being a very good representative of that.

When I arrived at the store I went to the only woman I saw standing behind the counter, I explained that I was there to pick up my ring without going into any details of how I wasn’t contacted and that my ring had been sitting there for who knows how long. Without offering any niceties, she called out to another woman towards the back of the store and asked her to assist me. She then mumbled under her breath as she looked down at paperwork that the other young woman would help me.

Again I began to feel annoyed by the lack of decent customer service, but let it go. I walked towards the back of the store and was greeted by a friendly salesperson wearing a rather large pendant of crystals wrapped in an elaborate wire encasing. With one comment on how much I liked her pendant our conversation was immediately warm and inviting and quickly transitioned into a mutual admiration for a holistic lifestyle. I informed her about the center that we owned, to which she excitedly replied that she, her roommate and her friends would love to come to! We went on to talk for several minutes about the events that she might be interested in and were both sincerely excited by this new connection.spiritual connection

We were like-minded souls, enjoying a sweet moment that lingered with me long after I left the store.

What a beautiful experience I had as a result of becoming aware of and shifting my energy.

Today I am feeling grateful for the reminder, and making a mental note to self, remember to bring into the world all I wish to experience, as it will mirror back at me.Grateful-Heart-Black-01.jpg

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