Lost On A Spiritual Path

Lately, conversation after conversation,  I’m hearing the same message told by different people and in varying ways. We are all searching more than ever for connectedness.

Our beliefs are unraveling, allowing us the opportunity to put our own spiritual practice back together in a way that resonates with each one of us.

People are questioning their spirituality and becoming confused by all the information coming at them. Collectively we struggled to break free from mainstream and restricted religions and are now unsure what to do with the vast horizon before us.

bright path

We are in the age of Aquarius we are detaching from old ways of thinking, old patterns, beliefs, and suffering. Together we are embracing  humanitarianism, progressive and innovative “out of the box” thinking. It’s no longer taboo to speak of holistic health and healing, or to trust and believe that we are powerful enough to heal ourselves and one another. This isn’t because we are disconnected from Source or the God-like part of ourselves, this is only possible, because we are connected with those Divine and loving parts of ourselves.

It is not our purpose to become divided, it is our purpose to love and be compassionate.  If we focus on what feels right, on loving and forgiving, our souls guide us. Engage life from a heart centered place and make your intention to be kind and accepting, then you will find your path becomes more visible. The next step will present itself.

We hear others talk about finding their life purpose and living life passionately, no wonder so many are wondering, what are THEY doing that I’m not.

The fog is clearing, we are awakening, and the in the same way that a baby first opens its eyes, we are seeing beauty and feeling fear and confusion.

I want to remind you that there is power in all of those things!

Confusion forces us to find clarity, fear empowers us to be brave, and the beauty we see with our hearts, reminds us to love.

The amount of advice and information on ways to connect spiritually can be overwhelming and we become paralyzed from understanding what our own beliefs are. Someone talks to us about what they’ve just learned and we latch onto their words, yes, that makes complete sense, only later to go home and second-guess it.  

It’s time for a reset. Give yourselves a pass to explore and a moment to catch your breath.

Now is the time to step into your own power, to find your authentic voice, to know that it’s okay to embrace all types of religions, to trust that you are loved and accepted. To choose to surround yourself with others who are also choosing love and acceptance and not judging.

Who is supporting you in your personal growth?

Are you evolving together with your loved ones, family and friends or do you feel held back?

Are you holding yourself back out of fear and confusion?


All of your experiences up to this point have been to assist you and teach you, and now it’s time to ask yourself;

~what have I learned?

~In what ways do I commit daily to a spiritual practice?

~Am I creating the time and space in which to be divinely guided?                                                      jared-rice-539485-unsplash

Sift through your information, think about the people you interact with, the conversations you have, the way you spend your free time.

Is it filling you up with light, do you feel uplifted or drained after you’ve spent time with certain friend or loved one?

Your soul will provide you with the right information if you trust it.

We are intimidated by what we’ve experienced, people we thought we could trust betrayed us, places we thought we were safe crumbled around us.  This is a breaking down of the old in order to build the new.

People are shutting down and are not sure what to believe. They have found themselves  again at a crossroads.

Are you at a Crossroads?

Are you seeking a true spiritual path that will withstand the insecurities that may come up, the judgment that may come from others, the uncertainty that may creep in?

Your truth lies within you, your spiritual path will present itself as you allow yourself to connect.

With each step it will roll out before you like a red carpet, but you must take a step.

You’ve heard it time and time again, the answers you’re searching for are not outside of you. The answers are within, and everyone’s way in is different. For some it is meditation, for others it is taking a walk in nature, some pray, and some workout. Anything that prompts a release of energy, a quieting of the mind, a feeling of peace, is the route to connecting with your soul.  Connecting with your soul leads to inner peace and inner peace is what creates the life you’re dreaming of and a healthy spiritual practice.

Make that your intention, say to yourself out loud or silently, I trust my soul, I am being divinely guided each day, I am more and more connected with spirit, with inner peace, and with the essence of love.

A job change or relationship change might be required, but that doesn’t mean tomorrow you’ll quit your job or walk out of a relationship, those changes will come as you continue to evolve.  People, jobs, even places you frequent, will miraculously be removed from your life as soon as they are no longer in alignment with who you are becoming.

Have fun with this, chat with like-minded people over coffee, share with them where you are on your path, you might be surprised to find out that they are seeking just as much as you are.  Try yoga, eft, meditation, or other spiritual classes,  if you don’t like something, if it doesn’t feel right, well at least you tried it.  As you continue to explore and experiment, you’ll soon find that you are indeed more connected, that you feel happier and empowered by your personal spiritual path.  You find trust in a higher power, you begin to see that you really are working with the Universe and do have the power to create the life you desire.

Today is a new day, engage it with excitement as you are strengthened, empowered and guided on your new and evolved spiritual practice.

The time is Now and You are ready!

lotus on black





photos: Alex Wood, Jared Rice, and unknown

2 thoughts on “Lost On A Spiritual Path

  1. Jeff B July 11, 2018 / 11:25 am

    I really connected with this part of your post, “Confusion forces us to find clarity, fear empowers us to be brave, and the beauty we see with our hearts, reminds us to love” Thanks so much for the wisdom and insights! This is a reminder to me


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