Fall Equinox~Balance and Gratitude

Time to Harvest!

What have you grown over the past few months?

How have you grown over the past few months?

As the Sun shifts from Virgo into Libra next week, take these next few days to continue to organize all you’ve been working on, create a “game plan” moving forward into Autumn.


The Equinox along with the energy of Libra first offers us a chance to balance our lives; work and play, our spiritual practices with demands on our time, and what we desire with what we must take care of.  

We then prepare for shorter days and longer periods of darkness, but in those longer periods we can be extremely productive.  We have more time to assess what has worked for us and what has not, what we have accomplished and what we still wish to do.

Increased quiet time also means periods of rest and rejuvenation and then celebratory times throughout the holidays.

For now, over the next few days, we harvest and gather the fruits of our labor and express appreciation for all we have.DSC_0079.JPG


Ways you can express your thankfulness this weekend:

~A gratitude journal, each morning or evening write down three things or the names of three people you are grateful for and then spend a few moments sending them love and positive vibes.

~If you prefer, you may choose to meditate, or paint or draw a picture of someone or something each day and then send out love and appreciation to them.   

~Purchase local produce to leisurely cook or bake something delicious, and as you use all of your farm fresh ingredients, pause to give thanks


to the farmers, the delivery drivers and all the workers who provided you with the potatoes, apples, pumpkins and so much more.







Jeff and I are grateful to be joining Brenda on a three-day Fall Equinox Celebration at the beach where weDSC_0055.JPG will be sending prayers and positive, healthy, vibrant energy to all of you, and we look forward to sharing many more awesome events with you at Lotus & Hawk!









Photos Credit~

Jeff Brochu

Johannes Hofmann

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