Holiday Boundaries

This is the time of year when boundaries are essential. We are much more prone to the energy, emotions, actions and even words of others.
As the holidays roll around we open up our hearts, our homes, our emotions and become all-around more vulnerable. This leaves our energy what I refer to as “porous” (permeable to outside influences).
We are so wrapped up in the events, the busyness, and excitement of the holidays that we become susceptible to negative energy, illnesses, and stress.
There are simple ways of protecting ourselves and putting boundaries in place is one of them.
Take a time out when you feel overwhelmed. No matter what is going on or who is there, being upset, anxious or stressed will not support you in being the best version of yourself. When we’re depleted of energy we become quick to anger and sink down into a negative space which is then projected out onto others and turns what could otherwise be a joyful time into one of disharmony.
For as long as our “to-do” list is, our “to-be” list is vital in being able to share cherished moments with our loved ones.
So take a moment each morning to imagine yourself enveloped in a beautiful bright light, any color you choose, imagine that it is a protective sphere from negative energy.
This IS your boundary and you’re not going to allow anything toxic to permeate it. Fill your sphere with love, kindness, and compassion and imagine sending that out to others throughout your day.

This not only helps keep you in a positive space but ensures you’re sending out the best energy to everyone around you and all that feel-good energy will have a ripple effect and help to create a wonderful holiday season for all.

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