Aries New Moon

Today, the new moon is in Aries conjunct (next to) the sun and chiron.

Forward movement, taking action, beginnings, individuality and self awareness, light, how we shine, being empowered, courageous, fearless, and healing…these are the themes to focus on today, and how appropriate given the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the new moon is about new beginnings, and together they create energy that is ripe for helping us shift out of where we’ve been in recent weeks, emotionally as well as physically. Imagine how powerful that energy is collectively.

Aries is fearless and goes after what it wants, so with the new moon and sun together in this arena, we are invited to shine light on the areas where we are afraid.

The new moon settled next to chiron supports healing of old and karmic wounds, and when fear, worry, anxiety or even paranoia find us, it triggers those deeper, inner wounds from situations that we have been in and were afraid.

Ask yourselves, where have I conquered fear in the past, and know that you have indeed come through times that have been frightening, and you will once again.

Where do you want to find yourself on the other side of this pandemic?

When you look back, how do you want to have made the most of this extra time you have to go within?

It is indeed a scary time but we are being invited with this astrological line up to be courageous, more self aware and to continue to move forward, even if it means taking baby steps.

It’s a new day, be well, stay safe and please reach out to one another for support, love and especially some laughter.

Virtual hugs, Kim

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