About Kimberly


I write about, talk about, hopefully encourage and inspire others about “living a soul satisfied life”.

Welcome! I am thrilled that you have found your way to my blog.  I hope to encourage you, entertain you and inspire you to live your life with a “satisfied soul

I am a certified Karmic Astrologer, Reiki Master, trained in Past Life Regression with Dr. Brian Weiss, trained in EFT and the Shamanic teachings of the Medicine Wheel.

I am also lovingly married to my soul mate and a proud parent to my awesome three children and two stepchildren.

I believe there is a  purpose that you have found your way to my blog and it is my hope to inspire, assist and even entertain you by sharing my life experiences, my holistic and spiritual background and my self empowerment tools.  

There are numerous blogs, posts, articles and sites there are out there, I become lost in their abyss daily and I’m sure you all do too, and for that reason, I am grateful that you are here now!

Create with me a  “soul satisfied life” 




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