My Voice

I am trying to understand how people of faith, of peace and higher purpose, wage wars against each other or judge others out of fear. Fear that was embedded in them by listening to other people

I am grateful to have faith, and my faith is in God and Jesus.  I understand what is says in the bible, but I trust that we are meant to accept everyone as they are, regardless of race, religion and gender identity, and I do not believe that by accepting everyone, I am going against my God.

God doesn’t judge or EVER hate, why would I?sand-heart-1314533

I know people will want to respond with their personal religions interpretations, and become defensive of their perceptions, but can we truly believe that our God, or Yahweh, or Allah, or whatever you call your source, is not simply a being that is LOVE, ACCEPTANCE AND ALL THINGS GOOD.the-call-2-1560877

Maybe,  just maybe,  humans were never meant to find the one religion with the “right” interpretation.  Perhaps we aren’t here to pit our beliefs against others beliefs.

 I think it is possible that we were meant to find a way to love, accept, have compassion for and assist one another on our individual and collective soul journeys; to be the best beings possible. To evolve as a whole, not divided and against.  

After all, aren’t God and Love (not hate or judgement) synonymous.white-lotus-1552510



horse faceHer breath startled me; a big puff of air on my face.  Before I opened my eyes I felt her soft white mane brush against my cheek and saw her beautiful brown body.  

“Honey, a horse just came to me,” I said as I woke Jeff up excitedly. “A beautiful horse, she was so close, I could feel her breath against my cheek!”

My husband knew of course that a horse had not really been in our bedroom.  

“How cool” he responded supportively.   It’s not uncommon for us to have spiritual experiences like this, so he was very interested and not at all alarmed.

I couldn’t shake her presence, (nor did I want to), so I decided to meditate to call her to me.  She was still “in the room” I sensed her soft, feminine energy to the left of me, and then right in front of me.  She nuzzled her face up to mine & I looked directly into her vast brown eyes, I was instantly flooded with a sense of peace, comfort and beauty.  I asked her name but heard nothing.  I knew it didn’t matter but I had wanted to call her something.  I was charmed by her bushy white mane and tail, and her gorgeous brown coat.  (Although I was confused by the two colors, admittedly, I didn’t know much about horses.)

I went to work thinking of the report I would do with one of my favorite clients, her name ironically, was also Kimberly.  I had worked with her several times & each time I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations, not because we shared the same name, but because we shared a connection.  Often I was moved by our clients and their stories, but only with one or two had I developed a bond like the one I had with her.

During our report, in which she is supposed to explain to me the extent of her disabilities, she wanted to acknowledge that she also felt she had much in her life for which she was appreciative, so much that has brought her happiness and that helped her to not only focus on her difficulties.  She went on explaining that part of what brought her such joy, was going outside to be with her horses. God gave them to her as a Blessing, she described.

“I’m not sure if you have ever had the chance to be close enough to look into the eyes of a horse.”

“Yes, I have, just this morning!”I wanted to shout out. But the horse hadn’t physically been in my room and our work scenario wasn’t exactly an appropriate one in which to share my story. So I continued on to the next question, but my mind was racing so I asked her what breed of horse she owned.  “One is a Palomino,” she answered, and as she spoke, I curiously searched online for Palomino. There staring back at me was a horse that was both brown and white, the image of the spirit animal that had come to me that very morning!


Fast forward: Two days later, when I was speaking with one of my dearest friends, Patty,  I told her about my visit from a Palomino and how the experience of it was still alive within me, the energy that the horse gave off; the calmness, the comfort, the peace & beauty.  I expressed to her my sorrow that the only thing I didn’t get was my spirit animals name.  

Patty, (one of my soul sisters), and I, often share parallel experiences, so when she told me that she had been horseback riding with her husband that very same day and added that it was a Palomino, I thought, Naturally!  

She called the stable to find out the name of the horse she rode, at that point we both knew she was meant to get the name for me – finally, I received my spirit animal’s name: Rosie…

When visited by a spirit animal, I highly encourage not only intuitively connecting to what meaning they hold for you and your life, but to also to research further.   Many times, the message may come through someone or something else.

A few links to the meaning of horse spirit animals:


The New Normal

“The new normal”, I love that expression, it reassures me, it means I’m adjusting to change and somehow phrasing it that way makes it less intimidating. Change is inevitable, we know this. We change every day, our hair grows, our hair falls it, our nails grow & our nails break, the weather changes-every day, our money changes, our health changes, our trees change, and so on; being flexible is imperative. Many times our new normal is not by choice, is not something we want, like the fact that our children’s new normal is the potential for gun violence in places where they should feel safe, like school or when going to a movie. Someone’s new normal might mean living with a chronic illness, or in constant pain. Adjusting ourselves to these changes, means  accepting them. Accepting ourselves each day is powerful!  Accepting our bodies even though we’re in pain, accepting ourselves even with illness, accepting our thoughts even when they’re not pleasant, accepting that we must go to those places like school, the movies, or the mall, even though there may be danger. What I mean by accepting is loving, protecting and saying ok this is how it is and I will not turn against myself, or give in to fear. I will not be angry with my body because of this pain, or this extra weight, I will not hate going out in public because of the potential danger. If we turn against ourselves, then the pain, illness, the extra weight or the fear has won.

sun rising

I understand we feel angry, we feel frustrated, we want things to be different and I believe loving and accepting, temporarily, will make that difference. Temporarily, because remember, we are in a constant state of change. You may not like something at this moment about your body, your family, your house or even your life, but if you send an angry message or hate towards that part of yourself, that person, that dis-ease, you give it more power to thrive in a space of negativity.  

Try to accept what is, to fill it with a more positive, loving energy and from there you can change it and create a more blessed, peaceful and loving environment, and then make that your new normal.

Namaste          looking off at sunset



card deck

Anxiously awaiting test results and further instructions; when your doctor calls and says they need to see you face-to-face to give you results, it’s natural to become concerned.  I have a heads-up of what’s going on, but I may be in for a little ride as the cause and severity is determined.  

Yesterday morning, after a slightly restless sleep, I woke up early, as usual, and as I prepared to go for more blood work, I decided to draw a card from my husband’s “Native Spirit Oracle Cards”. I recently gave him this deck as a gift because I knew they would “speak” to him.  These gorgeously photographed cards, with their powerful messages by Denise Linn and her Native American lineage is something he connects personally with.

The card that came to me was “Walking in Beauty”,  the message from her guidebook was about the beauty that surrounds us, inside and out.  Seeing the beauty and being grateful for it.  Being in balance with a natural way of life. The more we sense, see and feel the beauty around us, the more beauty will come to us.  This is the law of attraction that many of us already believe in. What I saw on this card was a sunrise, the dawning of a new day, an expansive horizon before me that created a feeling of hope and possibilities.

Upon arriving home, hungry (from fasting), thirsty and still somewhat anxious, I found a note from my husband on the counter.  A brief three sentences overflowing with his love and support.  I read the first two and was stopped in my tracks at the last, “Walk in Beauty”! Now, this is a phrase he may use if we are either working together or with another person holistically, but it is not a phrase he has written on any other note or card he has given me before. I quickly grabbed the card out of the deck to double check and he had in fact written the EXACT same thing on his note as I read hours earlier on my card!

Beautiful synchronicity and affirmation of how connected we are.  All of us, not just he and I.  We draw the people, events and messages we need into our lives, when we need them, sometimes good and sometimes more challenging.   

As I think about living or walking in beauty, I like to think I do both of those, but this message has come to me and I will honor that. I will deepen my awareness of the beauty around me, within me and within others that I’m sharing this journey with. May we all see it and feel it. The more we radiate love, healing and peace, not only do we benefit by filling our own bodies & souls, but we connect on higher levels with others & our world will become a more joyous place in which to thrive.

I will continue to pray, and fill my heart with love, joy & peace as my journey goes on and

I Walk in Beauty


Capricorn, Up Close and Personal

CapricornA person with a Capricorn Sun sign, is like the sturdy Oak or Pine tree that’s grown in the backyard and won’t budge.  Capricorn is also the same sturdy Oak or Pine tree in the backyard that you know you’ll see every time you look outside, or that you can trust to hang your hammock on because it will support you.  They take responsibility and stability very serious and will be there when you need them.

No need to worry about your Capricorn partner or friend not being loyal or committed  to you, but, do not cross them, for they may not forgive you easily. You can depend on them through thick and thin, but if you’re looking for a mate who will baby you, a Capricornian is not likely to do that.  Not to say they’re not nurturing or sensitive, but the energy surrounding their emotions will have a cooler, less sensitive undertone.  They are realistic and like to get on with things in a matter-of-fact way.  

Capricorn’s energy is like that of a wise father or grandfather who will guide you on the right path, teach you by sharing their stories of old,  but will not shy away from disciplining and reprimanding you to keep you in check.  They will also be the ones that both create and make sure to carry on traditions.  They love traditions.

Capricorn men and women are not afraid of hard work and when left alone on the job, may likely be the rare ones who actually look for something to do instead of goofing off.   Be aware of the Capricorn boss though, who becomes too much of an authoritarian or has a hard time breaking away or bending rules.  Like their sister earth sign Virgo, they like to feel appreciated, however, Capricorns prefer to be seen as the person in authority and respected as such.  Do not misjudge their responsible nature, they love to have fun and let loose,  but in business, you’ll likely find the Capricorn in a position of power and a professional with great integrity. It’s important for them to learn how to balance their ambitious nature with sensitive and sympathetic qualities.  For then, you will have a Capricorn, who is a force to be reckoned with.

Their hard work and disciplined nature thrives on taking initiative and structuring a plan for whatever they may be involved with, it’s the follow through and flexibility to alter those plans that may trip them up. Capricorns will often jump at the chance to head up a project or idea, they’re most likely to be the ones that came up with the idea in the first place, but, they will need to exercise their rigid nature with themselves to stay on task and see it through to the end.

Saturn, the planet of responsibility, limitations and structure is the ruler of Capricorn, therefore it is not a surprise that Capricornians may feel their motto in life is, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again.”  With that being said, there may be roadblocks and detours, but rest assured Capricorns, all of these obstacles are meant to keep re-routing you back to the path you are meant to be on, and SUCCEED YOU WILL.

Hearing Your Message

path through field

I spent weeks being in the stillness and quietness of my own energy.  I listened, but for a while, heard nothing. Was there a guiding voice, I believed there was, but self-doubt crept in and I convinced myself what I heard was only what I wanted to hear.  

Quietly I allowed my mind to clear, I allowed my thoughts to clear.  In the silence we often receive the loudest messages.

If the “voice” does not soften, trust that it is guidance.   If you feel “called” to do something, and that something brings you great joy, then do it!  Do not allow your self-doubt to be louder than your soul or your Source, speaking to you!

Be silent, pray, listen for your message and then honor your soul, honor your inner child, honor your God given gift and breathe life into that dream.

As Michael Berg reminds us, “Anything that cannot be awakened, cannot be transformed”.

What dream will you allow to be awoken and transformed? Take that first step!